If I Could But Fly


With Gratitude to Captain Robert W. (Bob) Leonard
Sculptors – Bob and Jo Wilfong
Donated – by the River Corridor Foundation of St. Charles, the City of St. Charles, and the Public Art Committee of the Downtown St. Charles Partnership
Site – along the Riverwalk (west bank of the Fox River)

The Gratitude Project: Captain Robert W. (Bob) Leonard

Bob Leonard

Artist Statement
I consider ” If I Could But Fly” to be one of my most important works
in my steps to becoming an artist.  Prior to this piece my work was
more traditional and interpretive of what I had seen and read.

“If I Could But Fly” came about when I was making a major decision in
life, moving from a stable career as a banker to the uncertain allure
of an artist.  “If I Could But Fly” was my first design that came
entirely from my heart and represented the idea that I personally
wished to express.  Creating a visual image of an idea in a simple
interpretive format made such a powerful impact upon me that now I
seek out the simple intrinsic strength of an idea and try to present
it in its simplest interpretive form. I feel that this is when I
became a true artist.
In all my work I use wings to represent change and freedom.  “I I
Could But Fly” represents one facing those changes that occur in each
of our lives and finding the freedom that occurs when they are
embraced and accepted.

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